About Photographic Alchemi and Mara

Leaping Hare Original Cyanotype Work in Progress

So you’re curious about Photographic Alchemi, Mara, and what is going on? That’s great, let’s see if I can answer a few questions.

Who is behind Photographic Alchemi?

Well, that would be me, Mara (artist, creator and dogsbody), and my dog Pebbles (supervisor of works and taskmaster). As a child I simply adored the magic of photography, my greatest delight was to get into my fathers’ darkroom which was full of the most wonderful amazing things. This led to a fascination with photography and eventually to formally study for a Masters of Art in Photography. I now work professionally with many forms of photography from the latest digital techniques all the way back to some of the earliest forms.

What’s all this Photographic Alchemi bit?

As you’ve probably guessed by now I might just have a weeny bit of an, ahem, obsession with photography. Especially old analogue techniques which have always felt like some form of sorcery where the magi or magician takes some paper, chemicals, then use skills (and some specialist weird apparatus) to make images in a photographic darkroom. So I decided on the name Photographic Alchemi for this part of my art and photography practice.  

Where does this magic happen?

I’m based out of my own studio in the northeast of England on the beautiful Durham Heritage Coast. Fortunately for me, I only share my studio with Pebbles the dog and Salem the cat meaning I can play whatever music I like whilst working, (although I do frequently lose my comfy chair).